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Managing Facebook Ads

How Facebook Ads Work

Facebook ad targeting allows the deepest level of user demographic and interest targeting of any online platform. There are an incredible amount of options, including:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Language
  • Relationship Status
  • Income (based on zip code)
  • Education
  • Employment Info
  • Parental Status
  • Life Events
  • Politics
  • Interests
And much, much more
For a complete list of Facebook targeting options – click here

Ad Formats

You can take advantage of the many different ad types that Facebook has available. Below are some of the more common ad types:

Video Ads

Video ads can appear in the user’s news feed (both on desktop and mobile). While you can create very long video ads, the best performing ads typically last a minute or less. According to Hubspot, video ads outperform static image ads by 20%. If you have video, you should experiment with Facebook video ads. Strongly consider producing video if you don’t already have videos ready to go.
Facebook Video Ad
A Facebook Video ad appearing in a user's newsfeed

74% of Facebook users in the United States earn excess of $75K/year, according to Pew Research. These are highly desirable prospects for almost any business.

Link Ads

Link ads can appear in user’s news feeds (on mobile and desktop) – and they can also appear in the right column. The purpose of a link ad is to send traffic to your website where you can convert them into leads or customers.
Facebook Static Ad
Facebook Link Ads appear in the user's news feed (on the left in the image above) - as well as smaller sponsored ads in the right column.

Boosted Ads

Facebook also allows you to boost your posts as ads so that your posts get more exposure. You’ll probably want to avoid boosted posts unless you have a clear and specific call to action that is associated with the post you’re trying to boost.
Boosting a Facebook Post
Facebook will oftentimes ask you to boost your Facebook posts to get more attention. Unless you have a very clear objective, you should avoid boosting posts.

Boost posts only if there is a clear plan and call to action associated with the post. It is a terrible idea to boost a post just because it is popular. The goal of posting a post is to get a lead - like a contact request or newsletter signup.

What is Facebook Ads Management?

Facebook Ads Competitor Analysis

As part of our Facebook Ads Management We will take an in-depth look at your competitor’s ads to figure out what is working – and what isn’t working for your competitors. Facebook actually makes it quite easy to see your competitor ad campaigns and reverse engineer them.
You can figure out the competition’s targeting strategy by clicking on “Why am I seeing this Ad?” when an ad appears in your news feed. By clicking, you’ll get insight into your competitor’s ad targeting preferences to see what type of Facebook audience they’re targeting with their ad.
Facebook Ad Library for Domino's Pizza
You can view ads of any Facebook advertisers - including your competitors. Above is a peek at Domino's Facebook Ad Library.

You can also see a competitor’s entire ad library. By clicking on an ad, you’ll have the option to view the advertiser’s entire ad library as shown below. You get a great idea of what ads have likely performed well and what ads were weak performers for the competition. You can use the ads as inspiration – or as strategies to avoid.

From there, we’ll create an ad campaign strategy that we’ll work with you to implement.

You can see your competitor's ads. Based on the ad quality of each ad and how long an ad has been running, we can deduce what has been successful and what has not. We can use your competitor's successes and failures as inspiration to come up with a unique ad campaign that will work for you.

Precise Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook has a wealth of robust ad targeting features available. Based on your needs, we’ll create an audience that best fits your product or service and display your ads to that audience.
While we can try a variety of different ad formats, the majority of clients we work with are focused on action (like generating leads). Our focus is on getting users to act – rather than to just garner ad impressions for our clients. We usually work with small or local businesses that are focused on generating revenue – as opposed to building a brand through ad views.

Ad Creation, Testing and Improvement

We will create an ad designed to get results. While video is hot right now and gets a lot of attention and clicks, we’ll recommend rolling out a variety of advertisements in a variety of different formats to see what gets the best response.
Some ads will perform very well. We replace advertisements that don’t do well. We continuously introduce new ads to keep the ad campaigns fresh.

Many agencies focus on Facebook Likes and Shares. Be warned that these are vanity metrics. They'll make you feel good, but don't necessarily add to your bottom line.

Conversion Tracking

We track ad performance closely.
We track all user interactions with your ads. We record all phone calls that ads generate for you to review.
Conversion tracking is essential for us to monitor the campaigns so we can emphasize and double down on what is working and remove or replace weaker elements of the ad campaign.


You get daily, monthly – and even some real-time reporting of all of our ad activities for your Facebook ad campaigns (along with any other advertising that we’re performing on your behalf).
Ad cost and lead data will be readily available at the click of a button at any time.

Our focus is on making Facebook advertising a profitable part of your revenue stream by cost-effectively generating leads.

A Web Page That Creates Clients From Prospects

Your website will be hosted, maintained and updated by us as part of our Website as a Service (WaaS) offering.
Website as a Service
As part of our comprehensive marketing services, we provide you a Website as a Service - which is specifically designed to convert your Facebook Ad traffic into leads for your business
All of our customer websites are specifically designed to turn prospects into clients.
Get more information on our WaaS here.

Facebook Ads Management Pricing

We Charge a Flat Monthly Fee

Unlike many ad agencies, we won’t ever charge you a percentage of your ad spend as part of a monthly fee. We have seen numerous instances of this pricing model abused by poor-performing agencies.
Increasing ad spend can create a conflict of interest for ad managers. This model can incentivize less reputable agencies to spend ad money for the sake of raising their fees – rather than to get their customers more business.
All ad activities that we perform in your Facebook account are intended 100% to benefit you, our customer.

Hourly Rate

We do occasionally take on smaller ad campaigns for some of our clients.

For these smaller engagements, we will charge an hourly rate for Facebook Ads Management. Typically these smaller ad engagements are for Facebook ad audits or initial ad campaign setups.

You’ll be dealing with our US-based staff for all of your Facebook advertising needs.

Facebook Ad Costs

In addition to the monthly fee you pay to FlexLeads, there are also ad costs you’ll be paying directly to Facebook.
These fees can vary wildly depending on your offering, the competition, and of course, your targeted Facebook audience.
You’re likely looking at at least $300/mo to start – and ad cost can range above $1,000/mo or more – even for local businesses.

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