Reviews – Collection and Monitoring

Consistent Reviews are Vital

A steady stream of consistent, positive online reviews is essential for your business.
Having a lot of positive reviews helps you rank better in Google and helps you compare favorably to the competition.

With FlexLeads, we help you with three critical aspects of reviews:

Review Monitoring, Reporting & Alerts

We track all of your reviews from all major review sites and include reviews as part of our reporting process. Every time you receive a new review, we will let you know. Tracking reviews allows you to respond to reviews from customers in a timely fashion.

Negative Review Handling

Negative reviews will eventually come your way. There’s no shortage of disgruntled people looking to complain about something. We’ll provide some guidance for you so that you can respond to negative reviews with tact.

How to Ask for Reviews

As a FlexLeads customer, you get free use of our online review platform,

ReviewTruck allows you to quickly get reviews from your customers right at the time that you’re delivering your services. It works like this:

Reviews Guide

Free Reviews Guide

Check out our free guide and learn how to get more reviews and properly respond to reviews right away!

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Getting a Review with Our Review Truck App

Review Step 1

Timeline Item 1

Step 1:
Ask for a Review
Review Step 2

Timeline Item 2

Step 2:
Open the Review Truck App
Review Step 3

Timeline Item 3

Step 3:
Customer Receives Text
Review Step 4

Timeline Item 4

Step 4:
Customer Leaves Review

Step 1: Ask the Customer For a Review

Ask the customer if they would be willing to give you a review. Let them know that it would only take a minute and that it would really be helping you out.
If they’re willing, ask for their phone number and let them know they’ll receive a text message to fill out the review.

Step 2: Open Up Review Truck On Your Phone

Open up the review truck app and enter the customer phone number and press submit.
That’s all you have to do.
The customer will receive a text message with a link that will make it REALLY easy to leave a review.

Step 3: Customer Receives Text

The customer has already agreed to receive a text from you and gets a text message with a link.
The customer knows the text is from you because the text mentions your business and thanks them for agreeing to leave a review. makes it a no-brainer for your customers to leave you Google and Facebook reviews within seconds.

Step 4: Customer Leaves Review

The next screen prompts the customer to leave a review on whatever review platform is most convenient for them. In this case, we’re going to show what happens if the customer clicks on the Google link.
As you can see, they are taken directly into the Smith Works Google review area where they can click on the appropriate number of stars – and optionally leave a text review as well.
The whole process of leaving a star rating will take the customer seconds to complete.

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