Citation Submission and NAP

What is NAP, and Why Do Citations Matter?

While Google and other search engines are getting better at determining information about your business without relying on citations and consistent listings, it is still a very good idea to make sure you’re properly and consistently listed in local directories.

NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number)

Consistent Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) on every website where your business is named or listed is essential to ranking well in local search.

For example, if you have a different phone number on your Facebook page than you do in your Google listing, it can be a bit of a red flag for Google.

Google wants to provide information it knows is factual. If there is confusion surrounding your listing, it may make it less likely for your business to rank well.

Consistent NAP data is a significant factor in your SEO rankings. Your NAP data needs to be consistent wherever your business is listed on the Internet.

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Citations are listings of your business on other websites. These websites are typically local directories, but you’ll want to have your business listed in other places online as well. You should have a page on Facebook, Google, and Yelp at the very least.

As part of the services that we provide, we will submit your business information to relevant directories online. We will monitor and maintain these listings while working with you. We will also update any existing citations of your business on relevant websites to make sure that the NAP is consistent with your current business information.

Learn More About Citations & NAP

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