Web Content Development Services

What is Content Development?

From an SEO standpoint, content development is the process of creating web content that your target customer would find extremely valuable. The goal is for this content to be easily found on search engines – which means it must rank well on the search engine results page. Therefore, this content must be:

  • Engaging / Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Comprehensive
  • Actionable (if possible)

Content Development Process

Before you publish content on your website, a lot of upfront research must take place. The goal is to closely match your content with what your target consumers are craving. Below are the significant steps in the content development process.

Target Customer Analysis

The goal of content development is to create web content that your target customers would find interesting. Hopefully, you already have a good handle on who your ideal customers are.

Data that you already have in house can be beneficial in zeroing in on this target customer.

Questions to ask based on Analytics and paid search data:

  • What kind of content are your customers already consuming from your website?
  • What pages are the most popular?
  • What pages are leading to conversions?

Competitor Analysis

Who are your main competitors, and what kind of content pieces are they producing that resonate with your target audience?

We can use a variety of tools (like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs) to determine what kind of content is most popular on your competitors’ websites. This data is fundamental and can help us to come up with ideas that your customers will like – and has the potential to rank highly in the search engines.

AHrefs Site Explorer Results
Ahrefs is just one of the powerful tools that help us to determine what your prospects are searching for – and what kind of content you should create to meet their needs.

Content Outline

Based on the analysis of your customers and your competitors, we come up with content ideas that have the best chance to perform well for your company. We’ll also come up with a schedule for producing, publishing, and promoting this new web content.

Web Content Developer

At this point, a web content developer takes over and implements the content development strategy. They take the requirements that were established during the content outline and create content that is relevant to your business and desired by your customers.

Content Development Services

FlexLeads provides the full lifecycle of content development services. We’ll work with you to sift through your existing customer data, analyze your competitors, and develop and promote your content.

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Great content serves the dual purpose of engaging your prospects to turn them into clients and helping your site to rank better on the search engine results page.