Website as a Service (WaaS)

What is Website as a Service?

FlexLeads focuses on delivering high quality leads to our customers. Over the years, customers that come to us looking to grow their business didn’t have a website that was up to the task.

Sometimes, the websites were hideously ugly and reflected poorly on the client’s brand. In other instances, the websites were attractive but not effective. In both cases, the design of the websites wasn’t able to to convert prospects into paying customers.

That’s why we’ve rolled out Website as a Service for all of our clients who are on monthly recurring subscription marketing plans.

Website as a Service includes everything you could want for your marketing-oriented business website – all for a low monthly fee instead of an enormous upfront cost.

Website as a Service
Website as a Service is a marketing machine for your business for a
fair monthly cost rather than a huge up front expense

Traditional Website Design and Maintenance

With traditional website design, you pay a designer a large sum of money up front – say $10,000.  You get your website and then the website designer is out of the picture.

The problem is that your website becomes outdated and stale quickly.  It is no longer current, half the staff featured on the website no longer works there.  You’re also seeing performance issues on the website.  You’re not able to keep up with website updates and maintenance. The website seems to be getting slower each day, and it doesn’t look right.  Maybe you’ve been hacked?

With Website as a Service, you get a website that you own  – while we do the maintenance and updates to keep your website running and generating leads for your company.

What Do You Get with our Website as a Service?

Business Website with a Professional Design

You get a new, professionally designed, fully functional business website designed to convert prospects into clients. The website reflects your brand. Your logo, colors, staff, and unique services and content will be represented and promoted on the website.

Not Built From Scratch

The FlexLeads website we create for your brand is NOT custom-built – but for an excellent reason.

Through trial and error, we know what works and what doesn’t to turn prospects into leads and revenue for your business. Your website shouldn’t be a brochure – it should be an active marketing tool that gets you customers while you’re asleep. We’re continually testing and improving your website – and all our customers’ websites to generate more revenue for our clients.

By having similarly constructed websites, we’re able to collect more data and test ideas at scale to better increase conversions and get you more business.

Web Design Guide

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Wordpress as a Service

We build your website on the Wordpress platform. Wordpress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is used by over 30% of all websites online. The website you’ll be getting will be on a proven platform that is supported by most large web hosts and developers everywhere. We take care of all those Wordpress updates so you don’t have to worry about it.

Low Upfront Costs

Instead of paying $5K or $10K or more for a website, you’ll pay a much lower monthly fee with our service. For this ongoing fee, you get constant support, updates, and more as described in the sections that follow.

Website Security

Preventing malicious attacks on your website can seem like a full-time job. We stay on top of it and apply updates to your WordPress install and associated plugins. The service also includes monitoring WordPress security alerts, allowing us to protect your website from threats proactively.

Website Maintenance

While security is a big concern, so is making sure everything is up to date. Things on your website can break – or no longer work – if not kept current. Our service includes the continuous maintenance and updates of your website, the website works as intended, and you don’t miss out on new customers.

Website Backups and Restore Service

If you’ve ever lost a website before, you know how terrifying it can be. Not being prepared can mean the complete loss of your website.

Backup and restoration of websites is an essential part of our service. We actively backup your website in multiple ways and locations so that you can be sure your website is safe. If a disaster happens, we can recover your website quickly.

Website Hosting

We use the best website hosting service available – WPEngine – for hosting your website. WPEngine provides superfast speeds to website owners is incredibly reliable.

Website Updating Service

You shouldn’t be applying updates to your website. You have better things to do.

As a business owner, you should be focusing on actually running your business rather than messing with your website.

Our service includes instructional videos on how you can update your website – leave the heavy lifting to us when you have edits to make.

Based in Denver, CO

We’re available during business hours in the United States, so we’re easy to reach. WaaS is only available to customers who are also using FlexLeads for marketing services.


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