Reporting for PPC and SEO

Marketing Status Reports

You need to know for sure that FlexLeads is bringing you new business.

We make it easy to track the progress of your marketing campaigns with summary level reporting. We never inundate you with data, but you’ll have access to everything you need.

Frequency of Reports

Instant Reporting

If desired, you’ll get a text message or email notifying you each time that a lead from FlexLeads arrives. Some clients enjoy this type of reporting, but it can be a bit overwhelming, and you can turn it off at any time.


Each weekday, you’ll have access to daily reports. The daily report tracks all critical metrics and is available online.


Each month you get a detailed monthly report that tracks all activities and progress for the month. While we prefer to go over the monthly report with clients live and online, we also provide video summaries of the monthly report if desired.

SEO Reports

With our SEO reporting, you’re able to track the rankings of the keywords that are most important to your business.

Ranking #1 for your business name or brand isn’t a “win”. Likewise, ranking #1 for obscure terms that no one ever searches for doesn’t help your business either. Other marketing companies may try to take credit for these searches that are of little use to your business.

With our SEO efforts and our reporting, we’re focused on the keywords that can move the needle for your business and improve your bottom line.

Review Reporting

You’ll get to see all reviews and recommendations that came in for your business on the various review platforms, including Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp.

PPC Reporting

You own your PPC campaigns (not us). Therefore you have full access to all data related to paid search campaigns.

With our PPC reporting, you can expect to see the following useful information:

  • Total Ad Spend
  • Incoming phone lead data
  • Search terms
  • Ad schedules

Lead Generation Reporting

With our lead generation reporting, you get to see all form, phone, and chat leads that your business collected during the month.

Calls Less than One Minute Long

We report on all calls received – but highlight calls that are less than one minute long. Calls that are under a minute are usually indicative of one of two things:

  1. Spam or unqualified calls
  2. Your business is not adequately fielding incoming phone calls

We track the percentage of calls under one minute long over time. If your rate of calls under one minute is increasing, it could indicate that you have a problem. Missed calls or your employees not correctly dealing with inbound leads are common culprits.

Call tracking helps you to diagnose any problems that you were unaware of effectively.

Call Recording

You can also access all of your calls with our call recording feature. By logging into our system, you can listen in on staff and make sure that they are properly handling all incoming calls. Listening to call recordings can be used for training purposes to identify employees that may need additional training.

Learn More About How We Keep You Informed

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