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Effective Email Marketing

Newsletters are a highly effective source of referrals and repeat business from existing customers. It is one of the preferred methods that customers would like to hear from you – according to Marketing Sherpa, 72% of people would prefer companies to communicate with them via email.

Newsletters Your Customers Want to Read

No One Wants to Be Sold

The key to effective newsletter marketing is to provide value to your clients. In the newsletters that we create for your customers, we lead with value. The content of the newsletter is catered to their needs and is related to their interests.

The goal is for the customer to enjoy receiving your emails.

Failure to account for what your email subscribers are looking for can be damaging to your marketing efforts. Don’t be too aggressive with your cadence of emails – or make your emails look like a sales catalog. Doing so will result in a lot of unsubscribes and be reported as a spammer.

Your Newsletter Offer

It is ok to have an offer within your newsletter. Still, it should be just one focused offer – introduced after you’ve provided the customer with valuable information that you know they’ll find interesting.
We will make sure that your offer stands out and is of interest to your customers. If you have an extensive mailing list, we’ll work on segmenting your audience so that the appropriate people receive e-mail marketing pieces that they are most likely to enjoy.
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Newsletter Content

We will create a newsletter that contains industry-relevant topics that position you as an expert in your field. You get to review every newsletter we publish before sending it to your subscriber base.

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