About FlexLeads PPC and SEO Marketing Services

FlexLeads is a Marketing and Lead Generation Agency.

Marketing and lead generation agencies have a terrible reputation. For many agencies, it is well deserved.

Your first interaction with a marketing agency is usually with a member of the sales team – let’s call him Larry. Larry is incentivized to bring in as much new business as possible. After all, he needs the commission to make payments on his brand new 2020 BMW X5. Whether or not you’d be a great fit for his agency isn’t his biggest concern.

Larry isn’t all that familiar with the day to day operations of the agency, but he is very skilled at telling you exactly what you want to hear to get your business.

Larry promises that you’ll get incredible results and full access to everything you desire. He also promises that you’ll have a highly-skilled, dedicated account manager and all the data and reporting you could ever want.

Reality: Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth

After you sign a contract with the agency, the results don’t come. You’re paying thousands of dollars each month – and you’re not getting any results.

You don’t even really know where your money is going. Larry’s agency doesn’t make it clear where they are spending your ad dollars. You don’t know how much is spent on Google advertising versus how much is pocketed by the agency.

When you have questions, Larry is nowhere to be found.

You’re shuffled from one junior account rep to another repeatedly over just a few months. You don’t even know who is supposed to be managing your account.

To make matters worse, you’re locked into a long term contract with this agency with no way out.

FlexLeads is Different

Dedicated, Experienced Account Managers

When you work with FlexLeads, you’ll have access to a dedicated, experienced account manager. You may have interactions with other agency members, but you’ll always have a direct line and direct contact information with your account manager.

Transparent Advertising Costs

With FlexLeads, you pay a flat monthly fee for us to manage your advertising accounts. You’ll pay Google, Microsoft, and other advertisers directly. The result is that you’ll always know EXACTLY how much you’re paying us versus how much you’re paying advertising platforms.

No Long Term Contracts – But You’ll Stay With Us For a Long Time

Many agencies have incredibly high client turnover. To combat that turnover, they’ll lock you into a long term contract.

Our turnover is extremely low. Once we bring a client on board, they tend to stay with us for a long time.

We have multiple clients that we’ve been working with since 2010.

We find clients that are a good fit and we partner with them long term.

That’s why we don’t lock you into a long term contract. We’re confident that we can get our clients results right away with paid advertising. Results for SEO take longer, but you’ll be informed of progress along the way so you’ll always know we’re working hard for you.

You Own Your Ad Account

With FlexLeads, you own your advertising accounts and all of the data associated with that account. We are fully transparent.

Many marketing agencies run ads for you on Google – and they won’t even give you access to the ad account! The result is that you don’t get a feel for what the agency is doing on your behalf.

You Own Your Website

With our Website as a Service, you own your website. We use WordPress to build your site – the most popular website platform in the world. We’re continually maintaining, updating, adding pages to and improving your website to bring you more business.

Many marketing agencies will build your site on an obscure, proprietary platform that you’ve never heard of. The website severely restricts what you can edit. Even worse, by using an obscure web platform, it makes it nearly impossible to move your site to another web host should you choose to move to another agency.

Clients We Serve

We specialize in local lead generation for small businesses. Our focus is on getting you new clients through paid search and SEO activities.

Here is a sample of some of the clients we help:

  • Contractors
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Travel Companies
  • Financial Advisors
  • Educators
  • Counselors
  • Veterinarians
  • Retail Stores

FlexLeads Founder Frank Salvatore

Frank founded FlexLeads over 16 years ago and is usually your first point of contact at FlexLeads. He is heavily involved in performing SEO and PPC for the agency.

Frank grew up in upstate New York and earned engineering degrees from North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech before heading out to Colorado where FlexLeads is located.

FlexLeads Founder
Frank Salvatore

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve been disappointed by a marketing agency that promised a lot but didn’t deliver. Our motivation is to provide excellent results and we won’t lock you into a long term contract.

We build long term relationships with our clients. Many have been with us for over 5 years – and a few have been with us for 10 years running.

Our expertise is providing lead generation for local businesses. We measure all cost and lead data so that you know you’re getting a good return on your marketing budget.