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A Highly Optimized Website for Your Business that Generates Customers

FlexSites provide your business with a strong Internet presence. FlexSites receive prospects from your FlexAds, and make it easy for them to call you for your services

How Your FlexSite Works

Your FlexSite will contain your logo, office photos, staff photos, promotions, and details about your services

Prospects are converted to customers on your FlexSite:

  • All paid search traffic from your FlexAds are directed to your FlexSite
  • Your FlexSite is designed to meet all prospect requirements and convert them into a customer
  • You get exclusive use of a FlexSite for your service area

Most of Your Visitors are Mobile

According to a Google back in 2015, “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers”. That number keeps growing. FlexSites are optimized for mobile and it is extremely easy for smartphone users to call your office from a FlexSite.

View A Live FlexSite

Click here to view a FlexSite that is currently being used to deliver leads to a dentist in Fort Collins, CO

FlexSite FAQs

1) Why Do I Need to use FlexSite? Isn’t My Own Website Good Enough? How Does FlexSite Differ?

Most small business sites aren’t optimized for customer lead generation. Websites usually discuss the merits of the business rather than how they can help the prospective customer. The purpose of your FlexSite is to take highly qualified paid visitor traffic and convert them into customers.

2) Does the FlexSite Work on Mobile Devices?

Yes, the FlexSite will work on mobile devices. Mobile is becoming an increasingly important source of new customers.

3) Is There Any Way I can Promote My Main Business Website with FlexLeads?

A FlexSite is great at generating leads from paid search traffic. But you should also be promoting your business – and your main website – in local business directory websites like Google Places, CitySearch.com, etc.

4) Can I Use the FlexSite as my Main Website?

The purpose of your FlexSite is to convert paid search traffic into customers. It is owned and maintained by FlexLeads and isn’t to be used as your main website.