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FlexLeads features three types of reporting:

  • Real-Time
  • Daily
  • Monthly

Real Time Reporting

Detailed call reporting delivered to your inbox – including a link to listen to a recording of FlexLeads lead calls.

Immediately after a FlexLeads lead has called you, you’ll receive an email (and/or text) with all pertinent information regarding the call including:

  • Caller Name
  • Caller Phone Number
  • Recording of the Call (Link)
  • Duration of the Call

Daily Reporting

The Daily Report contains detailed budget and lead information for the current month

Each day you receive daily reports that provide all lead information. The reports also contain all cost information for the month as well as all of the search terms that have led people to your FlexSite.

Phone Lead Data Provided:

  • Name of the person or business who called
  • Phone number of the lead
  • Date, Time, Duration of Call

Form Lead Data Provided:

  • Name of the lead
  • Phone number of the lead
  • Email address
  • Message content of request
  • Date, time, duration of call

Try it Now:

View a sample daily report by clicking here. (.pdf format)

Monthly Reporting

The Monthly Report: A detailed look at the previous month and a plan for the future

Delivered to your desktop each day through file sharing software, the monthly report contains everything that the daily report contains and more:

  • An analysis of the previous month
  • Future plans and promotions
  • Negative keyword reporting
  • Report on your AdWords competitors
  • Reputation reporting for your business

Try it Now:

View a sample monthly report by clicking here. (.pdf format)